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Tips for brides (2) Getting Ready!

The dressing of the Bride pics are really important. Your photographer should arrive at least 1½ before the ceremony in order to get photos of all the accessories, flowers, details etc.  Remember that this is the perfect opportunity for shooting the bridal portraits.  The Bride will be looking amazing, with perfect make-up and every hair. Dressing in a spacious uncluttered room with loads of natural light makes such a difference to your photographs as there shouldn’t be empty shoe boxes, packets, glasses etc.  in the background. It’s also nice to have your bridesmaids present at this time, but it is recommended that they are completely dressed, (curlers out their hair)!   This way they can focus 100% on the bride, and the photos of them fussing around the Bride in the gorgeous dresses are priceless. Please ladies, allow for enough time of your portraits! After all those months of preparation, there is nothing worse than rushing to get everything done moments before walking down the aisle!

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Save the date Pre wedding Shoot Why have a Pre-Wedding Shoot? Booking a pre-wedding shoot gives clients the opportunity of seeing the photographer “in actio n” in a natural, relaxed and comfortable setting. It’s a great way of connecting with your photographer, and gives clients the opportunity of sharing any concerns that they may have. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with having their photos taken, and many people admit that they really just don’t know how to relax and look “natural”. The photographer will give you some valuable advice and tips regarding posing and working with the camera and an ideal opportunity to get a feel for what to expect on the wedding day! I have noticed that couples automatically feel far more relaxed and confident and they are reassured that they are in “safe hands” and have hired a professional! The idea is that is supposed to be a very relaxed shoot. We can be creative and adventurous! Try something different, experiment a little and laugh a lot! Time is not limited, and there is no pressure. Remember, on the wedding day, the bridal couple are the centre of attention, and are being pulled in all directions. Time is also fairly limited on the wedding day, and most couples simply don’t want to leave their guests for too long when they go for the couple shoot with the photographer. Most couples are anxious to get back to the party, and enjoy every moment with their guests! Many couples use the photos that are taken at the Pre-Wedding Shoot to make their Save-the-date reminder. Other clients incorporate these images in the wedding stationery, for menus, table seating and even for the official invitation! Have a look at some of the photos that are on the GALLERY Page! The venue was exquisite, Kleine Zalze, Stellenbosch.

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AC_0441The Bridal Couple Photographs Enjoy the time your photographer is shooting your couple pics! These are really important photos, and will most likely be the ones you get to enlarge for your new home. Brides, remember to take a pair of comfortable shoes along for the shoot. You don’t really want to ruin those beautiful Steve Madden heels! It is a great idea to take your bridesmaid with for the shoot, to assist you with your beautiful dress, fix the unruly veil and re-apply the lipstick that the Groom has kissed off! Take a bit of time for this – and enjoy it. To get the absolute best photographs, you need to remember to make this Your moment, and relax. Now is the time to trust your photographer, stop stressing about your dress getting dirty, be bold and adventurous, look up – laugh and allow the photographer to work her magic!

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