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So once your wedding day is over, and you’ve had time to go through your wedding photographs, (over and over again)! it’s definitely time to choose your favourites so that we can design a beautiful coffee table or story-book album for you. There are so many options available these days.  The albums can be designed to have either a leather or more personalized cover, and we can add smaller “matching” brag albums for parents and grandparents! Here are a couple of pages of Laura and Ben’s wedding that was held at the majestic Webersburg Wine Estate, in Stellenbosch. Click here for the options and prices of these albums!


Webersburg Wedding (1) Webersburg Wedding (3) Webersburg Wedding (5)   Webersburg Wedding (8)   Webersburg Wedding (9) Webersburg Wedding (11)

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Can you imagine winning a wedding worth R100 000-00?

It sounds too good to be true, but this gorgeous couple Sibusiso and Nelly won this amazing prize and celebrated their beautiful wedding day at Blue Horizon Estate on Friday 31st October 2014.

Esther Reid Cape Town Wedding Photographer


The bride (Nelly) is originally from Germany and the groom (Sibusiso) is from South Africa. Nelly came to South Africa to work on a community project and met Sibusiso who lived and worked in the community of Masiphumelele.
There was a instantly a connection between them, and although it took 18 months before they started dating, they both knew there was something special between them!
This couple is a true reflection of love. They are kind, caring, warm and quirky in their own way and they will make each other happy for all their years to come.

Esther Reid Cape Town Wedding Photographer

Here are the sponsors that made this awesome wedding a reality for Nelly and Sibusiso!

Blue Horizon Estate – Anastatia Small & Sureen Riekert (Wedding and Event Planners)
Esther Reid Photography – Esther
Lezanne’s Designs – Lezanne
Music 2 the max – Brendan
Blooming wonderful décor – Stacey
Shane’s flower market – Shane
Undercover Tents – Gavin
Rings & Things – Erika
Wedding connexion – Desiree
Events academy – Anton
Table cloth hiring company – Shamiega
Moments 2 media – Jenny

Esther Reid Cape Town Wedding Photographer

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that prospective clients ask during our initial meeting.


Wedding Photographs


  1. How long before the wedding date do we need to book you?
    There are always some very popular dates during the year which seem to get booked up way in advance.  To be safe, once you have made your mind up, make the booking and pay the booking fee.  That way you know that your photographer has your name diarised for that date, and you’re not going to be disappointed!
  2. How long before the time do you arrive at the wedding?
    If we are doing an 8 hour wedding (including the dressing of the bride), then I would prefer to arrive at the venue where the bride is dressing 2 hours before the wedding.  Read : Tips for the Bride
  3. What equipment do you shoot with?  Do you shoot digitally or with film?
    We LOVE Nikon, and shoot with full frame Nikon D700 & D800 cameras and a range of their finest lenses, utilising off camera flash when required.
  4. Will you be the actual person taking our photographs?
    Yes I am.  I will be the primary photographer at your wedding.
  5.  Do you work with an assistant?
    An assistant will accompany me for weddings longer than 5 hours as this enables me to obtain a wider variety of coverage, ensuring that we get all the magic moments.  Whilst I’m primarily focused on the two of you, my assistant gets lots of the fun, behind the scenes photos.  The benefit to you, is that he acts as a second shooter at your wedding, ensuring you have a wider variety of interesting photographs.
  6. Do you enhance and photo-shop our photographs before we see them?
    During the editing process, your photographs are sorted and I personally edit each photograph taken.  This includes basic contrast, brightening, cropping, etc.  Should the couple require advanced photoshopping, where extensive airbrushing is required, this can easily be done, but will be quoted for separately.
  7. Do we need to cater for you at our wedding?
    Yes, wow that would really be appreciated!  It becomes a long day working alongside the two of you capturing all those special moments, and it’s also great to take a break and re-fuel whilst you and your guests are enjoying your meal.  You needn’t seat us alongside your guests, but suggest a room or table close by where we can keep an eye on the proceedings, and not miss a thing!
  8. Can we do a pre-wedding shoot before the wedding?
    Absolutely!  I love doing a pre-wedding shoot before your wedding day.  This enables you to get an idea of the way I work, and also makes me feel less of a stranger at the main event!  Engagement Shoots
  9. If our wedding is being held outside of the Cape Town, will you still be able to do our photos?
    The prices we quote are for weddings being held within a 50 km radius of Cape Town.  This includes the areas of Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franshhoek, Somerset West, Noordhoek, etc.  Please indicate whether your wedding is being held further out of town, and I will quote you accordingly!
  10. Do you do destination weddings, i.e. UK, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Greek Isles?
    Absolutely!  Look forward to accompanying you to your favourite destination!!  Wedding in Zanzibar
  11. Do you offer coffee table or story book albums?
    In the past few years, we have noticed that fewer couples are requesting traditionally printed photographs.  To my delight more are opting for these exquisite modern albums.  We encourage you to select your favourite images so that we can design your beautiful coffee table or story book album.   In addition to this, we design beautiful Brag Albums for parents, grandparents, etc
  12.  Why are photographers all so differently priced?
    Aaah, the price thing!
    Remember like most things in life – you get what you pay for.   Generally your wedding budget will get to determine your choice of photographers, but remember that your photos and DVD/video are the only  permanent memories that you get to keep and share with your children one day.  My advice to you?  Don’t cut corners with your memories.  Always take into consideration the experience  that your photographer has, along with the amount of time she/he has been in the industry.  Make sure you get to see a complete wedding that the photographer has done, and not just a few select pics from a wide selection of weddings.  Meet the photographer, and make sure that you can visualise her/him at your wedding, being amongst your family and friends.  You need to feel safe with your photographer, and know that she/he really is going to capture the best day of your life with accuracy and style!  Click here for our price list.
  13. Do you have different packages for us to choose from?
    Absolutely!  We have 3 different packages for you to choose from.  A 3 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour.  The smallest packages are popular for small intimate weddings where there are only a few guests, and the couple only want the ceremony and some general groups and couple photos done.  The other two packages are suitable for the larger and more traditional weddings.  We can also design a tailor made package to suit your requirements.  It’s Your wedding, and we want it to work for you….
  14. How do you deal with a situation where the family’s of the bride and groom have remarried, and there are step parents?
    During our consultation, I raise this matter with the couple and ask whether there are any sensitive family issues that I need to be made aware of.  I make notes of everything and handle the matter very tactful yet sensitive manner.  I have no desire to offend anyone on your wedding day.
  15. Do you do same-sex weddings?
    Yes we do!
  16. Our wedding is going to be very formal.  How will the photographer and her assistant dress?
    My assistant and I prefer to wear black on your wedding day, and dress in a very neat yet comfortable manner.
  17. How long will we wait before the photographs are edited and ready?
    Your photographs should be ready ±4 weeks after your wedding day.  The editing process is time consuming and  I don’t rush it .  I personally edit each and every photograph myself.  During peak season we do get exceptionally busy, and may shoot 2 or 3 weddings during a weekend.  In the event of an international wedding, I make every effort to have the photographs ready before the couple leave SA. 
  18. Can you recommend other service providers like videographers and make up artists that we can use?
    We are familiar with a wide network of service providers, and would be happy to refer you to some amazing videographers, DJs, venues, make-up artists, etc.

Click HERE  to view Esther Reid’s Portfolio Images!


Wedding Rings

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Old Photographs   Does this look familar? Do you have a shoebox full of old photographs taken way-back and either shoved into random boxes and drawers? Each time you see them you promise yourself that “one day” you will get them all together, date them and put them in a beautiful album. Or better yet! You have loads of images on memory cards and CD’s that contain some of life’s most special moments, and it’s a huge task to put them all together and finally print them so that you really get to share them with everyone. Let’s face it – there are always more important things to do. How about a special gift for your Dad’s 50th or 60th birthday? Or getting pics of all the grand-kids together and making a sentimental album of special memories for the grandparents? The options are endless! Variety Albums   So here is a solution for you! Bring all your favourite old photos, those memory cards and CDs and by scanning them in, I will be able to create the most beautifully designed coffee table albums for you. There are different albums to choose from depending on your budget and the quantity of photos that you want to use.

Click HERE to find out more!


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Professional Photographer

At some stage of planning their event, clients often takes a look at their budget and some are tempted to give a friend or family member the responsibility of taking some “nice” photos of their special day instead of hiring a professional photographer. My advice to you?
Don’t do it!! It is too big a responsibility to give someone who may not have the skill or correct equipment that they require. The would possibly really rather be enjoying the festivities and celebration as guests at your wedding.  We hear of countless horror stories which mostly end sadly with ruined images, and in many cases no photographs at all of the most memorable day of their new lives together.

Taking creative photos and accurately capturing your special memories is a HUGE responsibility and best left to the professionals for the following reasons:

  • Professionals have full frame cameras, (that are able to work in challenging light) along with excellent lenses and flashes – achieving consistent high quality standards
  • Professionals always have backup equipment on standby – in the unlikely event of technical problems
  • They have acquired experience and skill over many years, and hundreds of functions and weddings
  • Each photograph is individually edited with calibrated monitors by the photographer
  • Strict backup procedures are followed, ensuring your photographs are stored in multiple storage devices
  • They have access to the best selection of creative albums to showcase your event
  • By attending workshops and courses, they stay abreast of popular trends and concepts


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Imagine that? What an awesome way to start your married life together! Blue Horizon Estate Book your wedding to take place at Blue Horizon Estate, and you could be the lucky couple to win your wedding prize worth R100 000-00

Having worked at this spectacular venue several times, we can assure you that Blue Horizon Estate has a lot to offer as one of Cape Town’s finest venues with outstanding cuisine and spectacular views! This is an amazing opportunity for couples planning their wedding in the next few months!

  • The front garden overlook majestic ocean and mountain views
  • The garden ceremonies are spectacular, you may be fortunate to see the whales in the bay!
  • Easy access to beautiful beaches for your special romantic photographs
  • The venue can take up to 140 guests with a dance floor
  • Interesting and mouth-watering menus to choose from
  • Blue Horizon Estate offers a variety of services, including decor, event planning and stylish wedding cakes
  • Luxurious sea-facing bridal suite plus 3 twin en-suite rooms for guests

To read more about this awesome venue click HERE The lucky winners will be announced on 21 September 2014


Blue Horizon Estate Evening

Click here to see the winners of the competition!




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Save the date Pre wedding Shoot Why have a Pre-Wedding Shoot? Booking a pre-wedding shoot gives clients the opportunity of seeing the photographer “in actio n” in a natural, relaxed and comfortable setting. It’s a great way of connecting with your photographer, and gives clients the opportunity of sharing any concerns that they may have. Let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable with having their photos taken, and many people admit that they really just don’t know how to relax and look “natural”. The photographer will give you some valuable advice and tips regarding posing and working with the camera and an ideal opportunity to get a feel for what to expect on the wedding day! I have noticed that couples automatically feel far more relaxed and confident and they are reassured that they are in “safe hands” and have hired a professional! The idea is that is supposed to be a very relaxed shoot. We can be creative and adventurous! Try something different, experiment a little and laugh a lot! Time is not limited, and there is no pressure. Remember, on the wedding day, the bridal couple are the centre of attention, and are being pulled in all directions. Time is also fairly limited on the wedding day, and most couples simply don’t want to leave their guests for too long when they go for the couple shoot with the photographer. Most couples are anxious to get back to the party, and enjoy every moment with their guests! Many couples use the photos that are taken at the Pre-Wedding Shoot to make their Save-the-date reminder. Other clients incorporate these images in the wedding stationery, for menus, table seating and even for the official invitation! Have a look at some of the photos that are on the GALLERY Page! The venue was exquisite, Kleine Zalze, Stellenbosch.

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AC_0441The Bridal Couple Photographs Enjoy the time your photographer is shooting your couple pics! These are really important photos, and will most likely be the ones you get to enlarge for your new home. Brides, remember to take a pair of comfortable shoes along for the shoot. You don’t really want to ruin those beautiful Steve Madden heels! It is a great idea to take your bridesmaid with for the shoot, to assist you with your beautiful dress, fix the unruly veil and re-apply the lipstick that the Groom has kissed off! Take a bit of time for this – and enjoy it. To get the absolute best photographs, you need to remember to make this Your moment, and relax. Now is the time to trust your photographer, stop stressing about your dress getting dirty, be bold and adventurous, look up – laugh and allow the photographer to work her magic!

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Tips for brides (1)


Your Family Photos These are truthfully some of the most important photographs of the day. Mom’s and Dad’s are all out in the finery, and lots of thought and attention has gone into every detail of their outfits. It is extremely important to get awesome sentimental moments of the closest family members. Remember, it’s as big a deal for them, as it is for you! These are most likely the photos that will be beautifully framed and kept on the mantle-piece. Your photographer along with the assistance of the MC should take control of these photos, as this can easily become a tedious affair. By keeping the family group photos uncomplicated, wasted time is avoided. We have all been to those weddings where the family photographs take forever to complete, and no-one seems to know what’s going on. This can be avoided by giving your Photographer and MC a concise list of family members for each group photo. It all happens like clock-work, and everyone can move on to the delicious bubbly and canapés!

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After having been in the wedding industry in excess of 10 years, it still puzzles me as to why guests and family members of the bride & groom insist on taking their cameras to weddings.

Imagine you’re the official photographer  There may be 100 guests (50 couples) and most couple starts taking photographs with either their digital cameras, i-pads or cell phones.  Most photographers (who are being paid to get the best shots) find themselves surrounded by paparazzi guest photographers, who push and shove for prime position.  Very often the first impression that the bridal couple have of their wedding may be some below average images posted by their guests onto social media.

Couples admit to being sorely disappointed after the wedding having seen some of the “unofficial” photographs that guests had posted Facebook.   These unprofessional “snapshots”  in no way reflected the vision they believed their wedding day had portrayed.  They were exceptionally relieved and delighted when their professional wedding photographs were delivered!

It may be an old fashioned approach, but we believe that after the wedding day is over, there is still an element of anticipation and excitement for the arrival of their beautiful wedding photographs”!

Published My Wedding Day Magazine – Issue 15


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Bride in WhiteAdri chose the song Beautiful in White by Westlife to play as her wedding song.  This was made true as she prepared and walked down the isle at Feathers Lodge in Cape Town in May.Choosing a wedding song is an important item to remember, that needs to be considered by both Bride and Groom. But remember that if you want it played from a CD or live, make sure that you have co-ordinated this with the venue hosts before hand and had a dry run to ensure volumes are set correctly.

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