Guests and cameras at Weddings

After having been in the wedding industry in excess of 10 years, it still puzzles me as to why guests and family members of the bride & groom insist on taking their cameras to weddings.

Imagine you’re the official photographer  There may be 100 guests (50 couples) and most couple starts taking photographs with either their digital cameras, i-pads or cell phones.  Most photographers (who are being paid to get the best shots) find themselves surrounded by paparazzi guest photographers, who push and shove for prime position.  Very often the first impression that the bridal couple have of their wedding may be some below average images posted by their guests onto social media.

Couples admit to being sorely disappointed after the wedding having seen some of the “unofficial” photographs that guests had posted Facebook.   These unprofessional “snapshots”  in no way reflected the vision they believed their wedding day had portrayed.  They were exceptionally relieved and delighted when their professional wedding photographs were delivered!

It may be an old fashioned approach, but we believe that after the wedding day is over, there is still an element of anticipation and excitement for the arrival of their beautiful wedding photographs”!

Published My Wedding Day Magazine – Issue 15


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