Important Tips 3: Family and Group Photographs

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Your Family Photos These are truthfully some of the most important photographs of the day. Mom’s and Dad’s are all out in the finery, and lots of thought and attention has gone into every detail of their outfits. It is extremely important to get awesome sentimental moments of the closest family members. Remember, it’s as big a deal for them, as it is for you! These are most likely the photos that will be beautifully framed and kept on the mantle-piece. Your photographer along with the assistance of the MC should take control of these photos, as this can easily become a tedious affair. By keeping the family group photos uncomplicated, wasted time is avoided. We have all been to those weddings where the family photographs take forever to complete, and no-one seems to know what’s going on. This can be avoided by giving your Photographer and MC a concise list of family members for each group photo. It all happens like clock-work, and everyone can move on to the delicious bubbly and canapés!

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