Important Tips 2: Tips for the Bride

Tips for brides (6)
How to look awesome in your photographs!
Don’t underestimate the power of laughing.   Avoid giving the camera a fake smile, but laugh from your stomach and smile with your eyes!

  • Brides like to look bronzed and beautiful on their wedding day, but don’t overdo it with the spray tan! Similarly, glitter and other luminescent lotions when excessively applied can look like perspiration instead of sparkle.   Go easy – Less is more
  • Double chin’s are a no-no.  To avoid this, elongate your neck by moving your head slightly forwards, and lift your chin ever so slightly.
  • Most wedding dresses are strapless.  Ensure that your dress is laced up tightly enough and properly fitted.  There’s nothing worse than seeing the bride struggle with her dress the entire day.
  • Put your shoulders back, chest forward pulling your belly button towards your spine.  The better your posture – the thinner you look!
  • When posing for that pic, remember to put one shoulder slightly towards the camera, put more weight on one leg than the other and take a nice deep breath.
  • Breathe out and dazzle them with your happy smile!

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