Why choose a Professional Photographer?

Professional Photographer

At some stage of planning their event, clients often takes a look at their budget and some are tempted to give a friend or family member the responsibility of taking some “nice” photos of their special day instead of hiring a professional photographer. My advice to you?
Don’t do it!! It is too big a responsibility to give someone who may not have the skill or correct equipment that they require. The would possibly really rather be enjoying the festivities and celebration as guests at your wedding.  We hear of countless horror stories which mostly end sadly with ruined images, and in many cases no photographs at all of the most memorable day of their new lives together.

Taking creative photos and accurately capturing your special memories is a HUGE responsibility and best left to the professionals for the following reasons:

  • Professionals have full frame cameras, (that are able to work in challenging light) along with excellent lenses and flashes – achieving consistent high quality standards
  • Professionals always have backup equipment on standby – in the unlikely event of technical problems
  • They have acquired experience and skill over many years, and hundreds of functions and weddings
  • Each photograph is individually edited with calibrated monitors by the photographer
  • Strict backup procedures are followed, ensuring your photographs are stored in multiple storage devices
  • They have access to the best selection of creative albums to showcase your event
  • By attending workshops and courses, they stay abreast of popular trends and concepts


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