Convert your photos into personalized storybook albums

Old Photographs   Does this look familar? Do you have a shoebox full of old photographs taken way-back and either shoved into random boxes and drawers? Each time you see them you promise yourself that “one day” you will get them all together, date them and put them in a beautiful album. Or better yet! You have loads of images on memory cards and CD’s that contain some of life’s most special moments, and it’s a huge task to put them all together and finally print them so that you really get to share them with everyone. Let’s face it – there are always more important things to do. How about a special gift for your Dad’s 50th or 60th birthday? Or getting pics of all the grand-kids together and making a sentimental album of special memories for the grandparents? The options are endless! Variety Albums   So here is a solution for you! Bring all your favourite old photos, those memory cards and CDs and by scanning them in, I will be able to create the most beautifully designed coffee table albums for you. There are different albums to choose from depending on your budget and the quantity of photos that you want to use.

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